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Anja Schäfer

Visionary Entrepreneur / Publisher / Omnec’s Oasis Project and Event Management

Anja Schäfer’s Business Website (German):

Omnec’s Oasis Website (German and English):

Anja SchaferAnja Schäfer has been supporting Omnec Onec’s mission since 1997. As her close friend and Personal Assistant, Anja helps Omnec to share her message of unconditional love and brotherhood among the people on Earth.

Besides her mission to support Omnec, Anja is working on the manifestation of a project for the Transformation of the Earth called OMNEC’S OASIS. by doing promotion, having meetings, organizing events, etc. She is also looking for sponsors to support the ongoing work on the manifestation of the Oasis project financially.

Being self-employed in the service sector, she is also running her own business as a publishing company (DISCUS Publishing).

She published the book “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality” by Omnec Onec and herself.

Anja lives in Southern Germany close to Lake Constance.

NEWS 2016: Looking for a new challenge!

As of October/November 2016, Anja is going to be free to assume new professional tasks (service sector, personal assistance, office, graphics, web, organization, publishing service, management, miscellaneous, …)


Anja Schäfer
Tel +49 (0)7775 938668

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