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Irmgard Huwyler / Ramaela

Crystal Singing Bowls / Soul Chants / Life Counselling / Past Life Regressions

Irmgard Huwyler’s Website (German):

Irmgard Huwyler from Switzerland in Europe plays the crystal bowls and accompanies these highly vibrating, beautiful sounds with her angelic voice. For many years, she has been a friend of Omnec Onec and accompanied her lectures and events with her sounds and chants on several occasions. Irmgard also used to organize events for the harp player and singer Erik Berglund who lived in Mount Shasta and translated in 2013.

Irmgard Huwyler: Kristallklangschalen und Seelengesänge

Irmgard Huwyler: Crystal Singing Bowls and Soul Chants

“The entire universe is composed of sounds, music and sound. The sounds of the crystal bowls lead us back to our soul’s origin. They help us to experience the connection with ourselves and the entire divine universe. My free-flowing chanting comes straight from my heart and my soul. While I sing, I feel connected with the angelic realms. I open my heart and the sounds flow freely, I improvise and create new melodies and chants in the language of the soul, mostly in combination with crystal sounds. Many people have been feeling familiar with crystal sounds for a long time. It’s like a connection to other dimensions and to our original existence. Like through other great natural instruments, we can feel and know where we come from and how big our soul is.” [Irmgard Huwyler]

Soul Chants Audio Samples

Heart Chants Audio Samples

Phone Numbers for direct Life Counselling (in German language)

CH:   0901 – 554300  /  Fr.2.50 / Min.  (price for landline and cellphone)
AT:    0900 – 470640     
Euro  1.81/Min.
DE:   0900 – 3441114    Euro  1.98/Min. German landline, cellphone can be higher

Past Life Regressions

For personal appointments (German) please send an email to

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