Greetings from Omnec and Anja in Europe 2016

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Greetings from Omnec and Anja in Europe 2016 — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Omnec,
    I love what you are telling us and wish you could come to Sweden and Wake us all up!
    God bless you and what you are!

  2. I want wish Omnec her the very best wishes from Andromeda galaxy Ambassador Alexander for canada for 1000 andromeda people that live and work their for 30 years !OMnec Please sent pray to my very best friends that died sulmarand Evon and Demtrius and darall that miss very dearly in my heart always ! Andromeda galaxy Ambassador Alex swage P.S my family travels comes to canada amdromeda ever 24 months on odd years galaxy starships !

  3. Thank you for this short yet beautiful video,so much Love.

    Though I live at the moment in San Francisco, CA. I look forward to some day partake in a wonderful workshop with you.
    Wishing you healing magical blessings, Love.

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