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NOW AVAILABLE! The Venusian Trilogy: Omnec Onec's autobiography and essence of spiritual teachings!

Omnec Onec became publicly known by her autobiography From Venus I Came. In this book she portrays her life on the astral level of Venus and teaches timeless wisdom and unconditional love.

"As I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a young child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information that I had gathered as a soul through many incarnations and life times. I can keep this information intact, and what I teach people is actually what I KNOW and not what I've read about or what I've heard, but what I have experienced through many different life cycles on Earth and in other dimensions."

Omnec Onec

Omnec Onec introduction and Venusian greeting

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Last update: January 7th, 2013