Video with Anja Schaefer including a phone conversation between Omnec Onec and Robert Potter

In this video, Anja Schäfer, Omnec’s friend and assistant from Germany, introduces Robert Potter and Omnec Onec and shares some important background information.

The phone conversation between Omnec and Rob starts at minute 6.30.

Help Omnec move to California

Robert Potter, Omnec’s friend and the organizer of the Mount Shasta Summer Conferences where Omnec participated in 2015 and 2018 set up a GoFundMe Donation Project to help Omnec move this year in 2020.



Some background information about Omnec’s situation

Omnec Onec has been living in Missouri since 2004. In the first yeas of the new millennium, Omnec needed a place where she could stay permanently, and her good old friend Bob supplied her with that. Meanwhile, both have become older and the time has come for Omnec to move once again. 

Many of you know that Omnec had a stroke in 2009. The left half of her body is still partly paralyzed. Other than that, Omnec feels fine and is ready for a new adventure.

It is our big hope that with your help she can eventually move to California to live in a place together with her daughter Tobi and to be closer to other family members. Since three of Omnec’s children live in California, it would give her the opportunity to see them more often than in the last decades. Furthermore, Robert Potter, who is the organizer of the Mount Shasta Summer Conference, is willing and able to help Omnec be more present for the public world. He also wants her to participate again in the Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2020. Rob also wants to help Omnec share her love and teachings again in Private Sessions per Skype and personally with people.

Since Omnec does not use computers at all and because she needs people around her helping her physically and organizationally, she can only be more present for the public world again when she lives together with good friends and family members who can help her in all the ways she needs.

These are ideas and we hope that with your support we can lay the foundations to make them real. In Missouri, Omnec had no promotional or technical support, therefore she was unavailable for people in the last 15 years except for family members and closest friends. It was her Soul’s choice to live that way, Omnec never had personal or egotistic intentions. She has always gone with the flow of life and accepted her life situation the way it was.

Of course, Omnec’s health situation forces her to live a slow life and she cannot be as active as she used to be, but with people surrounding her who help and support her, there is still the possibility that she can be more visible and publicly available again to share her unconditional love and wisdom.


Your donation is very welcome to help Omnec move

Rob Potter says: “For those who give any amount, you have the eternal thanks and appreciation of Omnec her family, myself and all who love her. If anyone would like to contact me to offer some type of help in any way or to offer to facilitate this move in other than a financial way please contact me Rob Potter 530-925-3502 or email me at”

Please go to the GoFundMe page and read the details written by Robert Potter: GoFundMe Project set up by Robert Potter to help Omnec with her move to California.

If you have any questions, please contact either Rob Potter or me, Anja Schaefer in Germany.

Love and Blessings



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