No personal contact with Omnec Onec

Omnec Onec does not use computers and is due to her health situation and for personal reasons not directly available. 

You are welcome to send a message, however, please be aware that your email arrives with Anja Schaefer, Omnec’s friend since 1997, assistant, and administrator of this website. 

(The photo shows Omnec Onec and Anja Schaefer in 1998 in the beginning of their publicly active years.)


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If our spiritual information has been beneficial for you and if you would like to say Thank you in monetary form, your donation is very appreciated. What you give is being shared between Omnec Onec and Anja Schaefer.

Private Session with Anja Schaefer

Anja offers Private Sessions based on Omnec Onec’s teachings per Video Chat.

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Omnec Onec und Anja Schäfer

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