Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2015 mit Omnec Onec

Interplanetary Cultural Exchange | Interplanetarischer kultureller Austausch


Omnec Onec, 2014

Omnec Onec, 2014

Omnec Onec ist eine der Sprecherinnen auf der Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2015. Diese Veranstaltung ist etwas Besonderes, denn es ist Omnec’s erster öffentlicher Auftritt in ihrem „Heimatland“ Amerika seit mehr als 20 Jahren!

Robert Potter hat Omnec eingeladen, an dieser Veranstaltung teilzunehmen – und sie hat zugesagt. Wie viele von Euch wissen, hatte Omnec im Jahr 2009 einen Schlaganfall und ist seitdem nur noch selten öffentlich aktiv. Daher freuen wir uns besonders, dass Omnec an diesem bekannten, magischen Ort an dieser speziellen Konferenz teilnimmt.

Neben Omnec nehmen noch andere, äußerst interessante Sprecher an dieser Konferenz teil. Weiterhin hat Robert Potter viele tolle Aktivitäten geplant. Alle Infos hierzu folgen auf dieser Seite auf Englisch.

Verpassen Sie es nicht, an dieser einzigartigen Veranstaltung im August 2015 in Mount Shasta, Kalifornien, dabeizusein!

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Wir freuen uns sehr darauf, Euch im August in Mount Shasta zu sehen!

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CLICK Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2015: Venue and Schedule

Organizer Robert Potter’s announcement of the Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2015

Robert Potter„Dear Promise Friends,

I AM so honored to invite everyone journey into the real process of Interplanetary Cultural Exchange and the ongoing revelation of our Galactic Heritage and Cosmic Destiny. We will share a very unique type of experience as family of light interacting throughout the week on a very special and sacred property surrounded by national forest. This will not be a regular type of conference so be prepared to let your self be transfigured by the healing nature of the entire event.

This conference will be very different from previous conferences in that we will have Daily Meditations, and Yoga Classes, Musical Guests , Nature Excursions, Night Watches, Advanced Healing Technology Demonstrations , The Promise Lounge , On Site Massage and a Private Screening of “The Stranger at The Pentagon” and so much more.

Omnec Onec

IOmnecOnec_kolibri_webf I was to release it all The Presenter list this year is very special as I AM especially honored to introduce Omnec Onec the first open to the public declared Ambassador from The Planet Venus. Her life has been an inspiration to me since the age of 20 when I first heard her speak.

Alex Collier

Alex-CollierThe rest of the line up is also so amazing and spectacular and will include Alex Collier my personal nominee for the Galactic Federation Medal of Honor.

James Gilliland

JamesGillilandJames Gilliland one of the most personal contactees you will ever meet.

Robert Scott Lemriel

Robert-Scott-Lemriel The Author of “The Seres Agenda”, Robert Scott Lemriel, is a Soul Traveler and beacon of light.

Craig Campobasso

Craig-CampobassoWe have a special guest Craig Campobasso who is a friend of mine from DR Frank Stranges inner circle group who wrote the Screenplay with help from Commander Valiant Thor his crew and DR Frank.

We will be having a screening of this wonderful film „Stranger at the Pentagon“ detailing the contact Valiant Thor had with Eisenhower to offer Interplanetary cultural exchange to our world and was sadly denied.


Michael Salla

Dr-Michael-SallaMichael Salla is one of the founders of the expolotics movement and a colleague with a tremendous body of work and pure intent will be joining us as well. He will be sharing some very exciting information in regards to Divine Intervention and the benevolent forces plans to increase their presence openly to the public in the near future.

Ted Mahr

Ted-MahrTed Mahr intuitive Psychic and Radio show Host will share his extraordinary talents and personal journey. He has also kindly agreed to act in a Co MC position with Shamballa a dear friend mystic, poet and singer.

About Mount Shasta

I have lived here on and off in MT. Shasta for 20 years and I know her beauty and sacred sites well. This conference will be inside a conference hall! But I suggest you enjoy the energies of this special place while we are here? We will encourage you to go to “Panther Meadows” where you will drink from a spring that is surely purified by the Telosians as it bubbles through the ground. We shall also suggest you commune with nature at “Castle Lake” and have some sacred ceremonies in both locations.“

[Robert Potter – The Promise Revealed]

Programme: You find all details here: CLICK for Mount Shasta Summer Conference Programme
Location: Castle Lake Road Methodist Camp, CA 96067, Mount Shasta, California, USA
Date: August 19-23, 2015




Anja Schaefer and Irmgard Huwyler accompany Omnec Onec at the Mount Shasta Summer Conference

Anja Schaefer

Anja SchaeferAnja Schaefer has been supporting Omnec Onec’s mission since 1997. As her close friend and Personal Assistant, Anja helps Omnec to share her message of unconditional love and brotherhood among the people on Earth.

Besides her mission to support Omnec, Anja is working on the manifestation of a project for the Transformation of the Earth called OMNEC’S OASIS. Being self-employed in the service sector, she is also running her own business as a Publishing Service (DISCUS Publishing Services) and works on the establishment of her own publishing company (DISCUS Publishing).

Anja lives in Southern Germany close to Lake Constance.

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Irmgard Huwyler

ImgardHuwyler_CrystalBowl_webIrmgard Huwyler from Switzerland in Europe plays the crystal bowls and accompanies these highly vibrating, beautiful sounds with her angelic voice. For many years, she has been a friend of Omnec Onec and accompanied her lectures and events with her sounds and chants on several occasions. Irmgard also used to organize events for the harp player and singer Erik Berglund who lived in Mount Shasta and translated in 2013.

„The entire universe is composed of sounds, music and sound. The sounds of the crystal bowls lead us back to our soul’s origin. They help us to experience the connection with ourselves and the entire divine universe. My free-flowing chanting comes straight from my heart and my soul. While I sing, I feel connected with the angelic realms. I open my heart and the sounds flow freely, I improvise and create new melodies and chants in the language of the soul, mostly in combination with crystal sounds. Many people have been feeling familiar with crystal sounds for a long time. It’s like a connection to other dimensions and to our original existence. Like through other great natural instruments, we can feel and know where we come from and how big our soul is.” [Irmgard Huwyler]

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