Deutsche Übersetzung folgt – die unten genannten Links, die Omnec empfiehlt, sind eh in Englisch. Mit etwas googeln findet man die Infos aber auch auf Deutsch.

web_Omnec-Lecture_humaniversity1Omnec’s new information from her Uncle Odin about the
Transformation Process of the Earth

These are the current links and information that Omnec Onec is recommending since it corresponds to the new information that her Uncle Odin has been giving her since her arrival in Germany this July.

Since her stroke in 2009, Omnec has not been in touch with her people and her Uncle Odin, but now the channels opened again. Omnec is full of energy, love, happiness and sharing information to the fullest.

During her lectures, private talks, and workshops she is recommending the following links and video:



CERN: Purpurne Wirbelwinde im Himmel über den TEILCHENBESCHLEUNIGER in CERN sichtbar


Here are the papers scanned in with Omnec’s comments

Terms of Surrender_2012.portal.blogspot.de_Omnecs-comments

Strange Clouds over CERN_ancient-code.com_Omnecs-comments

Russian Scientists_geopolitics.co_Omnecs-comments

Love and Blessings

Anja and Omnec