Video und Fotos mit Omnec Onec auf der Mount Shasta Sommerkonferenz 2015


Omnec Onec spricht ein sehr einfaches, klares Englisch, das auch Menschen, die nicht so gut Englisch können, normalerweise sehr gut verstehen können. Bitte genießt diese einzigartige Aufnahme mit Omnec Onec. Auch ihr Humor kommt nicht zu kurz.

Diese Aufnahme wurde an Omnec’s Geburtstag am 20. August 2015 gemacht. Für diejenigen von Euch, die es nicht wissen: Omnec hatte im Jahr 2009 einen Schlaganfall. Ihre linke Körperhälfte ist teilweise gelähmt und ihre Sprache ist noch etwas betroffen, aber man versteht sie wirklich sehr gut.

Wenn Du etwas runterscrollst auf dieser Seite, kannst Du Details über die Inhalte des Vortrages (auf Englisch) sowie eine kleine Bildergalerie sehen.

Viel Spaß!

Anja Schäfer am 7.3.2016


Omnec Onec from PortalToAscension on Vimeo. Thank you very much to Rob Potter, Ryan Marchand and Neil Gaur for making this possible.

Video with Omnec Onec at the Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2015 – THE CONTENTS OF HER TALK

Intro with Irmgard Huwyler from Switzerland with crystal singing bowls and soul chant

  • The Unknown History of our Solar System
  • The Inhabitation of our Solar System
  • The Colonization of the Earth
  • Genetic Manipulation on the human race

Omnec’s biography

  • How I chose to come to Earth
  • Before, I lived on the astral level on Venus – in Teutonia
  • Life on the astral on Venus: Relationships, sex, birth, education, temples of learning, antigravity, manifestation, creation, no money, no jobs, creative life, teleportation, bubble crafts, gatherings, spiritual conventions, spiritual masters, Rami Nuri, houses, sounds and colors
  • Healing place for traumatized Souls

The Journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness

  • Soul chooses its experiences
  • Every experience is valuable for the Soul
  • The purpose of Soul is to experience being all minerals, plants, animals, human beings
  • As a human being you are the caretaker of all the other life forms, because you need them for your existence

God created everything out of Love

  • „I, God create everything, so I will never cease to exist.“
  • God created everything in non-ending cycles.
  • Everyting procreates from itself.
  • God exists forever through us. It’s all created out of love.
  • God created us with the free will to experience what we want to experience.
  • We experience the darkness in order to know the light
  • The story of the little Soul
  • In the eyes of the Soul, there is no negative and no positive.
  • Unconditional Love means to to love every human being no matter what they do, because that’s not what they are.


  • Death is a transformation from one existence to another form
  • Coming back to experience everything possible​

The four original races

  • Venusians have hands bent like flames (34.50)
  • The white race, the yellow race, the black race, the red race

Reasons why I came to Earth

  • to teach people that there are beings on other planets
  • they are your ancestors
  • true heritage
  • this knowledge belongs to you
  • to teach people about the Soul, you are not the physical body, this is a temporary state
  • to be a loving human being is important, not what you do or choose to experience, this is up to you

Life on Earth

Eating habits, smoking, alcohol

Questions and Answers (min. 47.00)

Mount Shasta 2015 Photo Gallery