New book “Simply Wisdom and Love”

New book by Omnec Onec: Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality

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Cover Simply Wisdom and Love from Omnec Onec and Anja Schäfer

With her autobiography From Venus I Came, Omnec Onec deeply moved the Souls of thousands of people and triggered remembrances of lives in higher frequencies. Out of the readers‘ need of spiritual experiences and more knowledge, Omnec Onec’s public work arose. Simply Wisdom and Love completes the teachings of the Venusian by transferring important information about the history and transformation of the Earth that Omnec had only orally shared with the people in lectures and workshops. Transcripts of lectures with questions and answers authentically convey the big wisdom, love, and humor of the ambassadress from Venus.

This book can serve as a light focus for the expansion of consciousness.

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Contents of “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality”

The authors of “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality”

OmnecOnec_kolibri_webOmnec Onec was born on a higher level of density on the planet Venus called the astral plane and came to Earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the Nineties, she became publicly known with her autobiography FROM VENUS I CAME (today part 1 of THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY). This unique “autobiography of an extraterrestrial” was first published by the UFO investigator and US Air Force Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the USA. In this book, Omnec portrays the life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles on Earth. It is Omnec’s mission to share her spiritual knowledge and unconditional love with the people on Earth and to help raising the human consciousness.


Anja SchaferAnja Schäfer has been supporting Omnec Onec’s mission since 1997. As her close friend and Personal Assistant, Anja helps Omnec to share her message of unconditional love and brotherhood among the people on Earth. Besides her mission to support Omnec, Anja is working on the manifestation of a project for the Transformation of the Earth called OMNEC’S OASIS. Being self-employed in the service sector, she is running her own business as a Publishing Service. Anja has been working four years on the book “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality” which is is the first book published by her newly founded publishing company DISCUS Publishing – Publisher for Evolvement and Inspiration.


Interview Rob Potter and Omnec Onec

“Everything is simple, but we complicate a lot with our thinking process”.

In this highly interesting and informative interview, cute and curious Rob Potter from the Victory of the Light Radio speaks with the Venusian and Spiritual Teacher Omnec Onec about these subjects,

  • Einfach-Weisheit-und-Liebe_Cover_printNew bo​ok “Simply Wisdom and Love​ – Venusian Spirituality​”
  •  Jesus Christ and his true divine mission
  • ​Ot​her extraterrestrials and live on other dimensions
  • ​T​he manipulation of the humans on Earth and the loss of their abilities
  • ​T​he future of the Earth after the Transformation Process. Life will be like heaven on Earth
  • ​All experiences​ are valuable for the Soul​
  • <div​T​he Creator and creation
  • ​Sharing love is so important, because love is the basis for creation.


Omnec: “Everything is simple, but we complicate a lot with our thinking process.”-Rob: “Do you have a hammer for my thinking process?” -Omnec: “Sometimes you just have to override this process and go with the simple mode.”

Some quotes from Omnec

  • Every human being IS the power. WE have control. Negative prophecies are circulated because if people put their attention on that, they are not supporting the process of the transformation with their positive energy. OUR energy is important for the completion of the transformation. Each of us has a part in it.
  • Love is the force that rules everything. It’s the strongest force that ever existed. It goes beyond every understanding that you can imagine. Love encompasses all. It is all. Love is all there is in reality. We are part of this love. LOVE IS.​
  • Nothing can happen unless it’s meant to be.Fear is one of the things that empowers ​the negative forces which control our societies, but due to the transformation that is taking place the negative powers have to release their hold.
  • God gave us the free will and the power to create our existence.
  • Everything that happens in your life is your choice. You choose your experience no matter how horrible or how bad it is – it’s an experience that you wish to have. Whatever happens in our lives we have chosen beforehand as Soul.
  • Negative experiences are not negative. They are only negative in our mind. From Soul’s perspective, it’s only a valuable experience.
  • Every experience is just valuable and important. It’s not right or wrong. It’s just something that we need to experience, and once we have experienced it, we know we don’t have to experience it again. The experience is the reality of what IS.
  • Telling something is one thing, but experiencing it is really KNOWING it.

Life of Christ

​His divine mission was to teach people ​that they could correspond with the Creator directly and not have to make sacrifices and to release all of the old notions and sacrifices and rituals that people went through that were unnecessary. To make people understand that each individual has his direct connection to the Creator as a part of Creation.

Transformation of the Earth


I am talking about the overall human race and civilizations, about how it all began and how it became divided and everything that has to do with where we are today.

The Earth is protected and safe, because it is too valuable. Thousands of beings from other dimensions and other galaxies helped to create this Earth and brought life forms here, so it’s too valuable for simple destruction.

Omnec Onec Lecture with Greek Subtitles

Omnec Onec Lecture with Greek Subtitles

Recording from the UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway, from October 2014

Thank to Sotiris Mikropoulis you can now watch this special lecture with Greek subtitles!

In part 1 of Omnec Onec’s lectures at the UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway, she covers the following subjects:

*  How and why I came to Earth
*  The ancestors of the human beings on Earth
*  Our concept and understanding of the creator
*  Your true heritage and your greatness
*  You are Soul
*  The universe is full of planets and beings
*  Reality is a matter of perception
*  Imagination is the key to creation
*  Everything in this world was someones imagination, before it became reality
*  Life on the astral level
*  The Transformation of the Earth
*  I don’t believe in judgement and criticism
*  Soul is here to make experience
*  Your intuition tells you if something good for you or not
*  Focus on your own development and balance
*  The journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness
*  God created everything out of love in non-ending cycles
*  Unconditional love means “I love you just because you exist.”
*  The Venusian history is part of your heritage
*  Anja explains Omnec Onec’s material that’s available (book, DVD, CDs)

A big thank you to the cameraman Janucz Reichenbach!

Omnec Onec ~ Message from Venus: Interview with Anja Schäfer

Interview between Anja Schäfer and Moncef Afkir about the Venusian Omnec Onec and her spiritual mission on Earth


In this conversation, Moncef Afkir from “Your Divine Uniqueness” speaks with Omnec Onec’s friend and assistant Anja Schäfer about the following subjects:

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We hope you enjoy listening to the interview and send you love and blessings!

Omnec Onec: De Venusiaanse Trilogie

OMNEC ONEC – The Woman from Venus: Introduction in Omnec’s biography, Venusian Teachings and the Transformation of the Earth from Venusian Perspective in the Netherlands

Anja SchaferOmnec Onec - De Venusiaanse Trilogie
On the occasion of the publication of Omnec Onec’s book “The Venusian Trilogy” in Dutch De Venusiaanse Trilogie, Anja Schäfer introduced the author, Venusian, and Spiritual Teacher at the Earth & Beyond Fair in Utrecht near Amsterdam on June 6, 2015.

Click on the image of the book cover to visit the Dutch publisher’s website where you can order the book.

The publisher Peter Saarloos from the Dutch publishing company Uitgeverij Hajefa had a bookstand at this fair, and Anja joined him with Omnec’s English publications (DVDs and CDs). You can order Omnec’s book in Dutch here: CLICK TO VISIT THE DUTCH PUBLISHERS WEBSITE

Photo Gallery of the event (slideshow)

Photo Gallery of the event (separate images. Click on the image to see it bigger and to close it again)


Join Omnec Onec in a Healing Conversation


Omnec Onec speaks with host Lauren Galey from Healing Conversations

Omnec Onec just gave a 1 hour interview to Lauren Galey from “Healing Conversations”. It is going to be made available for free at Lauren’s website on May 29, 2015.

Please join Lauren and Omnec Onec in a Healing Conversation on Tuesday, May 29 at: 3pm Pacific / 4pm  Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 10pm GMT.

Register here for this Free Series:

You will get an email from Lauren Galey for the show 2 hours before the event and can listen to replay anytime.

Preview of the contents of the interview between Lauren Galey and Omnec Onec

It was a wonderful, very relaxed interview and Omnec shared much information on her life, her mission, and more. Some of the subjects Omnec speaks about are:

  • My journey from Venus to Earth
  • Meeting with my spiritual guides
  • Arrival on Earth and adjustment period in a Tibetan monestary
  • Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar in the Sixties
  • My physical exchange with the girl Sheila Gipson
  • The purpose of my book [The Venusian Trilogy] is to make people aware that they are much more than a physical existence
  • About the other dimensions and the journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness
  • Every advancement is a journey back to where Soul originates from
  • Soul is not what it does – everything is just an experience
  • Love above all is the most important
  • Death is only a transition from one existence to the other
  • The importance of sounds, mantras, and colors to practise Soul Travel
  • Planets are hollow
  • I share the true story of Christ to help release people of old religious beliefs
  • Announcement of new book “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality
  • A call from Omnec: Keep an open mind. We are all Souls at different levels of consciousness.

Omnec Onec’s CDs

On Lauren Galey’s website, you will have the opportunity to purchase all of Omnec’s three available CDs for the price of two. As an additional gift you will receive a PDF Download with four unpublished texts by Omnec.

OOCD05_FromVenus OOCD04_MyMission OOCD02_SoulJourney

Omnec Onec Shop

Omnec Onec Shop

We finally have a real Omnec Onec Online-Shop! It was a big project and took many hours to create this little shop where you can now for the very first time also easily download Omnec Onec’s CDs! New is also a video-download of a rare interview with Omnec from 2006.

omnecsshopOf course, you can also order the physical books, CDs and DVDs in English and German. If you want to support Omnec’s mission, please make use of our little shop and share this info with others.

Milestone Omnec Onec Shop

Please note that during my stay in America (August 6 to September 3, 2015), no physical shipment is possible. You can order anyway, but I will ship your order after my return in Germany.

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