Diese Einladung an alle Menschen, die sich an der Realisierung der Oasis beteiligen möchten, hat Omnec im Jahr 2000 geschrieben (Übersetzung ins Deutsche kommt noch).

O_Bild+Blumen„I would like to invite all who are interested to contribute to Omnec’s Oasis. It is to be a Spiritual Center not based on a particular teaching but to encompass all.
It will not exclude or support any particular religion, race, or culture but give all a chance to express themselves as an individual or group.
The doors shall always be open – on a 24 hour basis with someone always there to share time ore give you the feeling of acceptance.
You may receive or give from your particular circumstance.
Of course, you will have to contribute either money or time to attend to certain duties to maintain the Oasis.
There will be a music room with instruments and sound system, or you may bring your own musical instrument.
There will be a meditation room and also a place to eat, or drink and smoke. If you need solitude, this is possible.
There will be many types or healings available as well as scheduled topics and workshops. Or course, you may bring sleeping bags or rent a room for sleeping. No reservation necessary.
There will be provided guidelines or ethics which shall be upheld.
The sign over the entrance shall state YOU ARE NOT JUDGED HERE.
Art and sculptures will be displayed or created here also.
Here you can express yourself or share your talents with others. It will be a place of combined efforts belonging to all who wish to contribute.
It is the place of the future supported by co-operation. A place that will stand long after the Transformation. A place of love and support and respect of all living entities as the Creator intended.
If you wish to support this or raise funds with a special project it shall be appreciated.
I of course will be there at appointed times.
Thank you for your support of my mission on this planet Earth.
Love and Blessings

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