Anja’s original inspiration and the website about Omnec’s Oasis

When I received the idea about the Oasis, I did not know that Omnec already had the same idea.
I got the inspiration about this place in 1999 after I gave up my esoterik bookstore in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. At that time, I had no perspective, only a little bit of money which should last a few months. I was open for everything, and then, a book fell into my hands, and it inspired me to write down my ideas about what I would do if I had a limitless amount of money.

Four computer typed pages emerged. I described “The Oasis”, a place, where people share their ideas, live together in harmony and where they live and share true spirituality and unconditional love. I sent this writing off to about 100 addresses, to ALL addresses I had, to all people I knew. I did not really expect much resonance, but a few people enjoyed my idea. Omnec was one of the addressees. She was in the USA at that time. She called me and was all excited. Happily, she said “That’s MY Oasis!!”
Omnec does not understand everything in German, but at that time a friend from Germany was visiting her, and I knew that, and I also knew that he would help her to understand this text. So Omnec told me that we share the same vision! And we were both all excited and happy about this.

Until today, this vision is not real yet. We tried to establish The Oasis a few times, but it was not yet the right time. Our first trials ended one way or the other.

A few years later, in 2006, I did a special meditation with a CD. During this meditation, the vision about The Oasis came again into my mind, and I promised myself that I would do all that I can to make the information about this idea available, even it is not meant to be that the idea can be materialized as long as I am here. So I decided to make little drawings and write texts and create a small website about this vision.
I went to an adult education center in order to learn as much about webdesign as possible and necessary. I also tried to reprise an old friend of Omnec and myself who is a good artist and who used to be interested into this project. I was hoping to gain him to contribute the paintings, because I am really not an artist. But this did not work out, so I used my own childlike paintings for this website.

So this site is made for The Oasis, for Omnec’s Oasis, for Our Oasis.

You are welcome to visit this little website about The Oasis and read about our vision of this wonderful place on Earth here:

This portfolio about the Oasis contains all texts and illustrations from the website and can easily be printed out or emailed. Download: The Oasis Portfolio