Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2018 “From Venus With Love”, July 27-29 – NEW OMNEC VIDEOS! 

Enjoy the latest talks from Omnec Onec!

Recorded by Lucas Lombardi Jatobá in Mount Shasta during the Mount Shasta Summer Conference by Robert Potter.

Length: 1 h 16 min

DAY 1 Talk from Omnec Onec

Mount Shasta Summer Conference “From Venus With Love” – 28th July 2018

Contents of Omnec Onec's Talk Day 1
Length: 1h16min

On this talk she goes through:

– A mantra to harmonise and balance the body and to clean things you have collected on your way. It´s called KA LA.

– Creation of the Soul and its purpose of living all possible experiences – Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Human Kingdom.

– Everything that happens in your life is something you chose to experience.

– The Purpose of Pain, Suffering and Disease.

– Soul Family.

– LOVE & God – The Source of All Creation.

– The Etheric Body, Causal Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Physical Body.

– Skills and Talents from past lifetimes.

– Focus on what you want and help to create the Transformation of the Planet – The Golden Age.

– The collapse of the financial system on a near future.

– The power of the collective consciouness.

– How media, governments and politics are unnecessary and a waste of time and energy.

– LOVE is all you need. All living beings deserve to be accepted and loved and receive attention. How she would pat butterflies and they love it.

– Telepathy Communication with all living beings: animals, plants.

– We´re all individuals and unique. There are no two souls that are the same.

– Understand and accept rather than judge and criticise.

– Reality is only a perception of an individual soul.

– In Venus we can manifest anything with the power of our thoughts. Imagination is the key to creation. Visualise and create. We’re all wonderful powerful beings.

– We can change the world and our lives by intention. So always focus on the positive.

– The difficult experience of having a stroke. She’s always been so independent, so as a Soul she chose to experience being dependent of others.

– How as a Soul she got the genetical imprint from Sheila so she could manifest a physical body and look identical to Sheila here on Earth. All the preparation for her journey from the Astral Plane of Venus to the Physical Plane on Earth.

– Meetings with the Venusian people in spaceships to heal and energise her body while on Earth until she was on her 50´s, when the support was terminated, so she could live a full human experience, with all the difficulties and struggles.

– When she looks at people she only sees a perfect, beautiful and unique Soul because that’s what you are.

Conversation with the public - Omnec Onec's Talk Day 1

– How long ago was her stroke.
– The suffering of animals and their purpose. Bless and be grateful for your food.
– Fear is a tool used to control and manipulate people.
– Everything she writes and talk and teach about are from her own experience.
– There are many beings from many planets here on Earth now assisting humanity, serving different purposes.
– How Venusians see Humans on Earth as children, with a lot of compassion, learning and evolving with them.
– The unique experiences of being in the physical – eating, drinking wine, giving birth.
– Experience what you wish as long as you don’t harm others and don’t harm yourself.
– Even the negative experiences are serving a higher purpose.
– Karmic experiences you chose before incarnating.
– When you put your love and attention on some issues we have on our society you’re helping to heal the Earth.
– Master, Ascended Masters, Angels and beings from all Galaxies are assisting us with the Transformation of the Planet Earth.
– There will be a time when there will be a lot of destruction because Earth needs to go through a cleansing process.
– The collapse of the financial and political system.
– Meditate, send love and create communities that support the Transformation.
– New technologies will be available and support will come from higher beings.
– How Omnec transformed her Astral Body into a Physical Body into a special temple in Venus before coming to Earth, lowering her vibrations by doing a ceremony with meditation and mantras.
– The healing temples on Venus, healing crystals and how Venusians assist traumatised Souls after that come to Earth.
– The Venusians choose for how long they want to live in the Astral Plane and they always keep their young and beautiful look until they decide to leave that dimension and go to higher realms.
– How is sex in the Astral Plane (an exchange of energies).
– The birth of a child in the Astral Plane of Venus.
– The experience of giving birth and being a mother in the Physical on Earth.