Article From Venus I CameThis article starts with the first paragraphs of Omnec Onec’s autobiography “From Venus I Came” and continues with an introduction and an interview with Omnec.

Covered subjects:

  • Omnec and her connection with Eckankar and Paul Twitchell
  • Born on the astral level of Venus

Omnec comments the following questions and statements:

  • Venus is a planet that has a high probability of not sustaining any life forms
  • How do you bridge large distances like the distance between Venus and Earth?
  • How do you communicate on Venus?
  • Do you eat on Venus?
  • What kind of technology do you have on Venus?
  • Do you have periods of rest on the astral?
  • Do you have a concept of God and the Soul?
  • What makes the Earth so interesting?
  • Currently, we experience many nature catastrophes and transformations in our economy and society.
  • The world will not end – it will change?

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