Omnec tells the story of her origin and shares universal knowledge

CD My Mission on Planet EarthAudio-CD “My Mission on Planet Earth”

Listen to Omnec’s fascinating voice, embedded in sound spheres and Venusian inspired music, how she describes in her own words the connection of Venus to the history of the Earth and the purpose and goal of her adventurous transfer from the astral plane to the physical Earth.

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Contents of the Audio-CD “My Mission on Planet Earth”

  1. Venus – Earth Transfer (5.24 min.)
  2. Solar Civilisations (4.16 min.)
  3. Earth’s Heritage (3.40 min.)
  4. Time Tunnel: Venus Child (5.47 min.)
  5. Planetary Brotherhood (8.27 min.)
  6. Birth of Individual Soul (5.11 min.)
  7. Evolution and Karma (3.00 min.)
  8. Freedom of Soul (3.28 min.)
  9. Love (6.48 min.)
  10. Invitation from Omnec (4.11 min.)

Audio-CD – Total length: ca. 50 min.
Language: English Original

Listen to Audio Samples of “My Mission on Planet Earth”

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On Omnec’s old website, you can still listen to more audio samples of this CD (only for stationary PCs, no mobile view).