Would you like to read Omnec Onec’s new book?

Crowdfunding-Project for the print of Omnec Onec’s new book in German. JOIN US and get an ENGLISH book as a reward.

The project started TODAY until April 15, 2016 – with enough participants we will have the book printed afterwards

Einfach-Weisheit-und-Liebe_Cover_web_350pxThe idea to create this book came in 2011 to me, Anja Schäfer, while I was touring with Omnec Onec on the occasion of the release of her main work (“The Venusian Trilogy”) in Germany. The English version titled “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality” was published in 2015 and is available everywhere (CLICK Omnec Onec Shop).

Now, the German edition is almost finished and I would love to have it printed soon. This book is wonderful, because its information supports the raise of human consciousness and thereby the Transformation Process of the Earth.

I started this crowdfunding project to finance the first printed edition. If you decide to support the print of “Einfach Weisheit und Liebe”, you can get an English book or other wonderful gifts as a reward.

Link to the Crowdfunding Page


Anja’s Video Message about the Crowdfunding Project