Curtis Cooperman is reading Omnec Onec’s book “From Venus I Came” to Omnec while she is on the phone with him

For the first time since Omnec’s books had been published as a compilation edition titled “THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY”, an audio version is now being recorded chapter by chapter. You can listen to the audio recordings online or download the files.

Though it’s not an “official” audio recording which you can buy in a store, it is a wonderful chance to listen to Omnec’s unique life story. Omnec herself is on the phone while Curtis is reading her book to her.

When you follow this link to Curtis Cooperman’s website, scroll down a little, then you can listen to all chapters.

We hope you enjoy listening to this unique autobiography of a Venusian.

Love and Blessings



Right mouse click to download the audio files

If you prefer to download the chapters before listening to them on your device, click on the link with your right mouse button and download it to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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