Dancing on Moonbeams

The Ocean

Tanz auf den Mondstrahlen

Dancing on Moonbeams

I see the light energy reflecting off the ever-moving ocean

like God’s life force flowing through all living entities

providing a place to live

for many life forms

and life for many other sources.

Colors radiate off the moving surface

creating beauty in one of nature’s strongest forces.

At sunset, sky and water become one

as colors blend together

in an ever changing array of patterns for human’s delight.

Then when darkness falls reflecting city lights

the moon creates a shimmering path

that only our Souls can dance upon

because it is made of light.

As whales or dolphins cries are mingled with the seagulls voices

and sandpipers chase and run from the waves

as this is their nature and not their choices

we close our eyes and in the ever-changing powerful sound of the waves

we can hear the whisper of God’s comforting voice.

Omnec Onec, Malibu, California, Oct. 31, 1993
Photo by Didi01/pixelio.de