OMNEC ONEC – The Woman from Venus: Introduction in Omnec’s biography, Venusian Teachings and the Transformation of the Earth from Venusian Perspective in the Netherlands

Anja SchaferOmnec Onec - De Venusiaanse Trilogie
On the occasion of the publication of Omnec Onec’s book “The Venusian Trilogy” in Dutch De Venusiaanse Trilogie, Anja Schäfer introduced the author, Venusian, and Spiritual Teacher at the Earth & Beyond Fair in Utrecht near Amsterdam on June 6, 2015.

Click on the image of the book cover to visit the Dutch publisher’s website where you can order the book.

The publisher Peter Saarloos from the Dutch publishing company Uitgeverij Hajefa had a bookstand at this fair, and Anja joined him with Omnec’s English publications (DVDs and CDs). You can order Omnec’s book in Dutch here: CLICK TO VISIT THE DUTCH PUBLISHERS WEBSITE

Photo Gallery of the event (slideshow)

Photo Gallery of the event (separate images. Click on the image to see it bigger and to close it again)