Ebook Cover From Venus I Came for Amazon KindleEbook “From Venus I Came” – Autobiography Part 1

All three parts of Omnec Onec’s compilation edition “The Venusian Trilogy” with the titles “From Venus I Came“, “Angels Don’t Cry” and “My Message” are available as ebooks for Amazon Kindle.

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The books are also available in German.

Contents of the Ebook FROM VENUS I CAME – Autobiography Part 1

This ebook is the first part of Omnec’s autobiography titled “FROM VENUS I CAME”. It’s the unique autobiography of an extraterrestrial. Omnec Onec portrays her life on the astral level of Venus and teaches timeless wisdom.

  • CHAPTER 1 From Venus I came
  • CHAPTER 2 Laws of the Supreme Deity
  • CHAPTER 3 Tythania Canes of Age
  • CHAPTER 4 In the Womb
  • CHAPTER 5 The Venus Plane
  • CHAPTER 6 Teutonia
  • CHAPTER 7 The Creative Life
  • CHAPTER 8 Earthward Bound
  • CHAPTER 9 Brotherhood of Planets
  • CHAPTER 10 Agam Des
  • CHAPTER 11 Sheila
  • CHAPTER 12 My Earth Family
  • CHAPTER 13 Compared to Venus

In the Amazon preview you can read the forewords from the publisher and from Wendelle Stevens as well as a big part of the first chapter.

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