Ebook “My Message – Essence of Spiritual Teachings”

Cover Omnec Onec My MessageThe third and concluding part of Omnec Onec’s compilation edition  “THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY” titled “MY MESSAGE” is available as an ebook.

You can download this ebook as mobi for Amazon Kindle as well as an epub from multiple bookstores like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and many more.

In the Amazon preview you can read Omnec’s foreword and a big part of the first chapters. Click on the following link to order the book directly from Amazon.

Practical and current, Omnec writes about the essence of creation, Soul, and life. This essential third part also contains a new and very profound chapter about the evolution of Souls on planet Earth (Chapter 19: “The new Supreme Deity or Sugmad Expansion Ray”. This chapter was written and made available to Omnec by R. Scott Lemriel – www.paralleltime.com.)

Contents of the Ebook “My Message – Essence of Spiritual Teachings”

  • CHAPTER 1 Understanding the Physical
  • CHAPTER 2 Learning to deal with the Emotions
  • CHAPTER 3 What effect the Causal has
  • CHAPTER 4 The Mental Process
  • CHAPTER 5 The Function of the Etheric Body
  • CHAPTER 6 The Soul – the real I
  • CHAPTER 7 The Laws of the Supreme Deity
  • CHAPTER 8 About Karma
  • CHAPTER 9 Spirituality and Religions
  • CHAPTER 10 Meditation and Contemplation
  • CHAPTER 11 Soul Travel Technique
  • CHAPTER 12 Mantras and their Benefits
  • CHAPTER 13 Healing and Self healing Procedures
  • CHAPTER 14 Energy – Ways to feel and use it daily
  • CHAPTER 15 Love and Relationships
  • CHAPTER 16 Venusian Understanding of Death
  • CHAPTER 17 Knowing the Life Plan
  • CHAPTER 18 A Spiritual Journey
  • CHAPTER 19 The new Supreme Deity or Sugmad Expansion Ray


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