Hercules Invictus Cosmic InterviewsThe interview about Anja Schäfer’s friendship and cooperation with Omnec Onec covers the following subjects:

  • My spiritual journey prior to meeting the Venusian Omnec Onec
  • Omnec Onec’s message and her mission on earth
  • Anja’s involvement and experiences with and through Omnec
  • Projects “Omnec’s Oasis“, “Operation Peace“, bookprojects

Thank you to Hercules Invictus from the Olympian Starseeds for this interview.
It took place in February 2013.

Omnec Onec und Anja Schäfer 1998Interview with Anja Schäfer about Omnec Onec

Hercules: Greetings Anja, thank you for helping launch our latest series of Cosmic Interviews!

Anja: Greetings Hercules, thank you very much for your interest and for giving me the opportunity to share this information – I am happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Hercules: I appreciate this a great deal Anja. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your spiritual journey prior to meeting Omnec Onec.

Anja: My spiritual journey began when I was a teenager. I bought my first astrology book when I was about 15, because I felt a deep need to understand myself and the world I live in. When I was about to finish school, I had no idea what kind of professional career I should start; and when talking about relationships I was not very lucky either. My questions about life deepened. At that time (in the beginning of the Nineties), the first esoteric bookstores opened in my hometown Berlin and I started to visit them and to read spiritual books. Then, one day in 1994, I switched the TV on and saw Omnec on a show, being interviewed. Her whole appearance caught my attention and I was fascinated by her voice, by what she said and by the calmness she radiated. It lasted for only a few minutes, but these minutes deeply remained inside of me as a new seed which would grow years later. One sentence Omnec said was “Imagination is the key to creation”. This simple sentence as well as her unusual name “Omnec Onec” and the book title “From Venus I Came” stayed with me for a couple of years until the seed grew and I eventually ordered and read her book in 1997.

Hercules: For the benefit of those who are not yet familiar with Omnec, can you please provide us with an overview of her message and mission?

Anja: According to her own words, Omnec Onec was born on the astral level of Venus. At the age of seven, she manifested a physical body and was brought to Earth in 1955 in order to live amongst us. That’s why the title of her autobiography is “From Venus I Came”. Omnec’s mission is multifaceted and the reasons behind all these events are far-reaching. I would say that all these connections can best be understood by reading her book.

Among other things, Omnec’s mission is to share the information that life on other planets exists in other density levels, that our heritage as human beings on Earth and our history is much greater than we are usually told and that our ancestors came from other galaxies and solar systems to inhabit this planet and to supply it with various life forms. Omnec shares spiritual information about the Creator – or God or whatever name you use for our source of creation -, about the different levels of consciousness which one can learn to visit and to make experiences in, and about Soul, the real I.

I personally would also say that one of the most important facts that Omnec shares with the people is the power of unconditional love. As Omnec was born on a different planet in a higher level of consciousness and because she was aware of the Laws of the Supreme Deity – that’s the name for the universal laws Omnec uses – she could keep all her knowledge and wisdom intact. She did not go through the birth process on Earth, and so she did not forget all she knew and who she is. Omnec is much more closely connected with her true self, Soul, than people on Earth usually are. For this reason, her energy differs much from normal human beings on Earth. She is more identified with Soul than with mind, or in other words, she is more identified with truth and reality than with manmade concepts and illusions. Therefore, she has a special charisma which can be felt by humans as well as by animals, and plants. There are countless happenings I and other people have experienced together with Omnec which are simply wonderful and very special. Omnec also initiates spiritual growth and experiences which accelerate the development of the Soul.

Hercules: How did you get involved with this mission?

Anja: In 1997, I opened an esoteric bookstore. One of the first books I ordered for myself was Omnec’s autobiography, because I remembered her name and the book title when I was sitting at the computer placing my first order. When I read the book, I felt the truth in it. I loved Omnec’s simple way of explaining very complex issues, I loved her descriptions of living on the astral level of Venus, I simply loved the whole book and felt as if I am at home for the first time in my life. As I felt an urgent need to meet Omnec personally or to at least see her in a lecture, I contacted her publisher and was directly forwarded to Omnec’s previous manager. Because I mentioned that I have an esoteric bookstore, the manager offered to come with Omnec to my place if I would organize a lecture and a workshop for her. Of course, I agreed, organized the whole thing – I only had three weeks – but I had much more energy than I usually had, because I was so happy. Omnec and her manager came, and it was all very exciting,though in the beginning I was a nervous wreck. The same evening, Omnec gave a lecture in the hotel I had rented, and the next two days the first workshop took place in my bookstore. We were a small group of about twelve people, and slowly I relaxed and enjoyed listening to Omnec. Then something happened I never experienced in my life before and what I will never forget: I felt or realized love. It is impossible to express this in words, words cannot convey what I experienced.

I just know that I realized how real love feels, my heart was open, I felt much softer than usual, I had a feeling of being expanded and encompassing everything that surrounded me. The next day I shared this information with the group and Omnec, and I remember her face – it made her really happy that I was able to not only sense this feeling of real love, but that I also had the courage to express this to the group.

In that short time, the connection between Omnec and myself was firmly established. Half a year later, she and her manager came again and now I was much more relaxed with her. After the workshop, our private time started, and slowly I became a part of her mission also in the physical world. The first thing I helped with was translating a workshop when her manager needed to leave earlier than expected. I was thrown in at the deep end, I was very insecure in the beginning and was afraid of sitting in front of people translating this tremendously important and complex spiritual information. My system got used to these situations very slowly and I still don’t feel very comfortable in public situations.

Omnec and I became friends, I went through my own spiritual experiences and eventually experienced a so-called Self-Realization. Due to my close friendship with Omnec and all the time I spent with her, my own consciousness was uplifted until the point of identification with the Soul. This was in the year 2000. But I was not able to remain in this consciousness and had to lower my vibration again. I would say, that without Omnec I could not have created these very special and wonderful experiences, because it was her unconditional love and all the spiritual information she supplied me with that gave me the courage to go through these self-realizing processes.

Hercules: What caused you to dedicate your life to it?

Anja: I am sure that all this was preplanned on the Soul level before my incarnation. Thanks to the information I received from Omnec in this lifetime, I was able to widen my horizon and to understand that this life is just a small grain of sand within the totality of existence and that my real self is Soul. Omnec’s presence in my life had a very strong impact and these kind of things are definitely pre-chosen and meant to be. So I would not say that I personally – the little Anja-personality – consciously chose to dedicate my life to Omnec’s mission. I would say that I had no other chance but to meet Omnec and to support her with sharing her spiritual information, because I as a Soul am deeply connected with it and because of my abilities and characteristics as Anja I am able to support Omnec consistently the way I have been doing it for almost twenty years now. I also believe that I will never cease to support Omnec and the mission which in reality is the mission of many beings including myself, because it is about truth, about the Transformation Process of the Earth, about unconditional love, God as the source of creation, Soul as the real I, and much more. This information is valuable and worth sharing with others because it frees people, reminds them of what they have forgotten, helps them to overcome their fears and to realize themselves as Souls, as what they really are.

Hercules: Please tell us about your website www.omnec-onec.com. The site seems to be the central hub for much of your work.

Omnec und Anja LectureAnja: After my spiritually intense experiences in 2000, I went through years of adjustment and needed grounding, structure, and security. During this time, Omnec’s public appearances decreased, her books slowly sold out, and there was no management for her anymore. In 2004, Omnec went back to the USA and would live a private life in a friend’s house in Missouri, and I moved to another area in Germany where I started working for an esoteric wholesaler as the assistant of the owner.

It was about 2006 when I was feeling more adapted to this world that I could slowly open myself again to the higher realms and my Soul intentions, so after a long meditation I felt that one of my main purposes for living this life is to help with manifesting the Oasis, which is – in a few words – a place in harmony and in tune with nature and the universe and an idea which I share with Omnec. I knew (and know) that I am not able to manifest this project all by myself, but I felt that there were a few things I could do: I could write the vision down and I could draw some sketches – and – I could basically learn to make websites and post this information about the Oasis online so that it is at least exists on the internet where it can be found, read, and visualized by other people.

At that time, Omnec had almost disappeared from public attention, and I simply felt that this was unacceptable. I felt that someone must keep the people informed about Omnec’s existence and her spiritual mission. I always wondered why it seemed to keep falling back to me again and again to get involved and to play a role in this mission, I mean, I wondered why couldn’t some really professional managers, organizers and publishers be found to help Omnec to spread her message worldwide.

When I realized that it was my turn again to do something, I created the website www.omnec-onec.com and arranged for Omnec to come to Europe again for a few lectures and workshops. And so it was, the website was finally online in 2008 and in fall 2009, Omnec returned to Europe. Then, I wanted to find a new publisher for Omnec’s books, because they were out of print and the former publisher did not want to re-publish them. At that time, I did not feel that I was able to do this by myself, so fortunately, in December 2009 a new publisher appeared and Omnec signed a contract.

Omnec’s website has been growing since then and I do my best to keep it up to date and to publish new information there. Of course, much more could be done, but as I have always been doing this work on a voluntary basis and was never paid for it, I am limited in my ability to invest in this project. At the moment, the site is still in pure HTML and CSS what makes it pretty time-consuming to make changes.

My next project is to make the site new in WordPress, this way it would be much easier to add information, to subscribe to it, and much more.

Hercules: You shared that Omnec had a stroke in 2009 and is no longer as hands-on in spreading her message. How is her health now in 2013?

Anja: It was on November 21st in 2009, when she had a stroke. It was during the visit which I had organized for her after the release of her website. I was sitting next to her when it happened and for a couple of weeks I thought she would leave this world; maybe her mission was fulfilled. But it was only a few days after her stroke when a new publisher showed up and new plans could be made. I don’t know if this helped her to gain strength again – she was on intensive care at a special clinic here at the Bodensee in Southern Germany – but fact is that she got the best care she could ever get and that she was able to fly back to the USA two months later.

Since then, Omnec’s health has stabilized. She can walk again and move her left hand, but she is pretty handicapped now. She does not have so much energy like before, she is very slow and her speech is also still affected. All in all she is doing fine and every once in a while she even visits her daughter and her grandchildren in Chicago. But in her own words, she feels like retiring and does not really want to work publicly anymore. Omnec says that she shared everything with the world which she had to say. Everything she ever wrote and most of what she said is available. I don’t know if she will ever change her mind again, maybe she would go somewhere if she is invited and everything is organized for her, it’s possible, but I am not sure.

Hercules: I am impressed by your dedication Anja, and in learning more about your vision. Can you tell us more about the Oasis project you mentioned earlier?

Anja: The story behind the Oasis is deeply connected with Omnec. It started in 1999 after I gave up my former esoteric bookstore. Because I was free and had no idea – again – what to do and where to go next – I grabbed a book about “Financial Freedom” and asked myself lots of questions like “What would I do if I had limitless money?” I answered these questions and a four-page document developed. I copied this document about a hundred times and sent it to all people I knew at that time – including Omnec. A friend from Germany was visiting her in Chicago and translated the pages for her. Then she called me, all excited. She shouted into the telephone: “That’s my Oasis!”. Since then, Omnec has mentioned the Oasis in all her workshops and we have attempted, several times, to make it happen in this lifetime.

Hercules: I certainly know how that feels. Many of our projects unfold at their own pace as well – despite our best efforts to move them forward. How about the Operation Peace Project mentioned on your website?

Omnec und Anja und Indianer 2010

Anja: Operation Peace Project is one of Omnec’s favorite projects and she has spoken a lot about it – I would say, in every one of her workshops. She was instructed by her masters to implement this project, and so she shared the idea with a group of people in one of the first workshops she gave in the Nineties. Everyone was to choose a day for this meditation, and Wednesday was the day most of the people wanted to have for this. Operation Peace Project is very simple, but profound. It says that everyone should chose about 10 minutes for sending love, healing, blessings, prayer – or whatever he or she wants – to the Earth. When people all over the world do this, it’s a 24 hours meditation process for healing and helping the Earth and therefore very powerful. Omnec was given the information that the ascended masters and the extraterrestrials outside the Earth in their spaceships would participate and send energies to support this project as well. It’s all part of the Transformation Process of the Earth.

Hercules: Olympian Starseeds practice similar meditations. We send Love and Healing to Gaia on Fridays. How about your Dancing on Moonbeams project?

Anja: “Dancing on Moonbeams” is the core concept for a book, or a series of books, which would collect the experiences of people who have had some kind of special experience with Omnec or were inspired by her. There are hundreds of people, or perhaps even thousands, who could participate in this project by sharing their true stories. The plan is to collect these reports and to publish them – as an inspiration for others. But this project requires a lot of effort and there are numerous additional obstacles to surmount. For example, there are no address lists for the participants in many of Omnec’s past workshops. Locating and contacting these people is currently beyond our means. And even if we could do so, the best way to proceed would be to interview each of them, because not everybody can or wants to write. Texts would have to be edited, recorded interviews would need to be transcribed. All this would require so much time that I cannot forsee it happening at the present time or in the near future despite our best efforts.

Hercules: Regardless, I am quite impressed by all that you have accomplished so far, Anja! You are an amazing person. And I have faith that you will eventually succeed with all of these endeavors.

Anja: Thank you, Hercules.

Hercules: You are very much welcome! What else does the future hold in store for Anja CR Schafer?

Anja: Another project I am working on is a new book which includes unpublished texts by Omnec and the public’s most frequently asked questions with answers. I recorded all of her book presentations from 2011 and transcribed them. The next steps are to organize the material and to finally make a book out of the contents.

The Oasis Main BuildingIf the Oasis can be manifested while I am still alive, this would be the greatest thing. Eventually, Omnec’s Oasis shall be a place where unconditional love is lived and shared, where people really live and work in harmony, a place that’s open to the world, but also it shall be protected from any negative interference. I imagine that it is protected by its own vibrationary rate.

Hercules: I wish you great success Anja. How can people who resonate with your work contribute to it or get involved?

Anja: They are welcome to contact me via Omnec’s (this site) or the Omnec’s Oasis website.

Hercules: Anja, again I thank you for granting us this interview. I wish you, Omnec Onec and all who are helping you great success and will certainly help with increasing awareness and helping to spread the word about your life-work and Omnec’s legacy.

Anja: Thank you, too.


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