“Everything is simple, but we complicate a lot with our thinking process”.

In this highly interesting and informative interview, cute and curious Rob Potter from the Victory of the Light Radio speaks with the Venusian and Spiritual Teacher Omnec Onec about these subjects,

  • Einfach-Weisheit-und-Liebe_Cover_printNew bo​ok “Simply Wisdom and Love​ – Venusian Spirituality​”
  •  Jesus Christ and his true divine mission
  • ​Ot​her extraterrestrials and live on other dimensions
  • ​T​he manipulation of the humans on Earth and the loss of their abilities
  • ​T​he future of the Earth after the Transformation Process. Life will be like heaven on Earth
  • ​All experiences​ are valuable for the Soul​
  • <div​T​he Creator and creation
  • ​Sharing love is so important, because love is the basis for creation.


Omnec: “Everything is simple, but we complicate a lot with our thinking process.”-Rob: “Do you have a hammer for my thinking process?” -Omnec: “Sometimes you just have to override this process and go with the simple mode.”

Some quotes from Omnec

  • Every human being IS the power. WE have control. Negative prophecies are circulated because if people put their attention on that, they are not supporting the process of the transformation with their positive energy. OUR energy is important for the completion of the transformation. Each of us has a part in it.
  • Love is the force that rules everything. It’s the strongest force that ever existed. It goes beyond every understanding that you can imagine. Love encompasses all. It is all. Love is all there is in reality. We are part of this love. LOVE IS.​
  • Nothing can happen unless it’s meant to be.Fear is one of the things that empowers ​the negative forces which control our societies, but due to the transformation that is taking place the negative powers have to release their hold.
  • God gave us the free will and the power to create our existence.
  • Everything that happens in your life is your choice. You choose your experience no matter how horrible or how bad it is – it’s an experience that you wish to have. Whatever happens in our lives we have chosen beforehand as Soul.
  • Negative experiences are not negative. They are only negative in our mind. From Soul’s perspective, it’s only a valuable experience.
  • Every experience is just valuable and important. It’s not right or wrong. It’s just something that we need to experience, and once we have experienced it, we know we don’t have to experience it again. The experience is the reality of what IS.
  • Telling something is one thing, but experiencing it is really KNOWING it.

Life of Christ

​His divine mission was to teach people ​that they could correspond with the Creator directly and not have to make sacrifices and to release all of the old notions and sacrifices and rituals that people went through that were unnecessary. To make people understand that each individual has his direct connection to the Creator as a part of Creation.

Transformation of the Earth


I am talking about the overall human race and civilizations, about how it all began and how it became divided and everything that has to do with where we are today.

The Earth is protected and safe, because it is too valuable. Thousands of beings from other dimensions and other galaxies helped to create this Earth and brought life forms here, so it’s too valuable for simple destruction.