Omnec Onec’s guided Meditation through the levels of consciousness

Cover_SoulJourneyMeditation-CD “Soul Journey”

Omnec speaks this guided meditation with various music compositions corresponding to the levels of consciousness. Mantras and visualizations support the experience of the different dimensions from the physical through the astral, the causal, and the etheric dimension to the God planes.

Contents of the Meditation-CD “Soul Journey”

  1. Journey of Soul intro-passage (3.27 min.)
  2. We shall begin … : basic guidelines (2.42 min.)
  3. First dimension: the physical (6.19 min.)
  4. Second dimension: the astral (6.23 min)
  5. Third dimension: the causal (8.24 min.)
  6. Fourth dimension: the mental (7.03 min.)
  7. Fifth dimension: the etheric (9.41 min.)
  8. Sixth dimension: the Soul plane (9.26 min.)
  9. Seventh dimension: Anami Lok – the God planes (15.40 min.)
  10. Return sequence: Baraka Bashad (1.30 min.)

Audio-CD – Length: ca. 71 min.
Language: English Original

Listen to Audio Samples

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On Omnec’s old website, you can still listen to more audio samples of this CD (only for stationary PCs, no mobile view).