Omnec’s new Japanese book titled “Dialogue with Venusian Omnec” is now available

Omnec+JapaneseBookHappy_sThis new Japanese book by Omnec Onec is a compilation of interviews and Q&A recordings.

Actually, this is Omnec’s fourth book that was published in Japan!

Omnec is thinking about the possibility to visit Japan some day in the future to meet her fans and friends there eventually personally.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: To be a bridge over Earthlings and Venusians
  • Chapter Two:  For you to go toward the astral dimension
  • Chapter Three: To walk hand in hand with space brothers and sisters
  • Chapter Four: For you to survive the transformation process of the Earth

Furthermore, there are many unpublished photos of Omnec included, like for example:

Omnec Onec Japanese Book Cover

Omnec Onec Japanese Book via Amazon Japan

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