This audio recording was taken in September 2011 at one of the numerous book presentations with Omnec Onec in Germany. I have included a couple of photos which partly were not published until now. I apologize for the not very perfect quality of the photos in this video.


Part 1

  • Stroke 2009
  • Introduction Omnec Onec
  • Eckankar and Paul Twitchell
  • The Soul
  • Reading about the Astral level of Venus (“Excerpt from “From Venus I Came” – German, until Minute 14.23)

Part 2

  • Questions and answers
  • Lost abilities
  • Diet
  • Medicine
  • No Walk-In – Arrival from Venus
  • Karmic relationship with Sheila

Part 3

  • Questions and answers
  • The unknown history of our solar system
  • Venusian letter
  • Prophecies and fear as tools for distraction

Part 4

  • Questions and answers
  • Life task
  • Contact to Venus
  • Channeling
  • How to go through these times of transformation