Omnec Onec 2000

Omnec Onec 2000

Yesterday, Omnec gave the go-ahead: We can plan a new trip to Germany for her now!

Many people would like to see her again or meet her for the first time. Between August and September 2013 there will probably be a new opportunity for this.

Most of you know that Omnec had a stroke in fall 2009 and that she is not as strong as she used to be anymore. For this reason, we will not plan any tours, and there will be no lectures or workshops. Instead, we want to offer one to two Private Meetings per week – approximately between the middle of August and the end of September – privately where I live close to the Bodensee in Southern Germany.

Omnec already agreed that we can offer Questions-and-Answers-Sessions in the meetings as well as Private Sessions. We will give time limits of about 30-45 minutes to the Questions-and-Answers-Sessions as well as to the Private Sessions. The private Meetings will be about 4 hours (for example between 4 p.m. to approx. 8 p.m).

As neither Omnec nor I can afford her journey, we have to collect the money for Omnec’s trip and stay in advance. Those of you who are able and willing to contribute something, please contact us per E-Mail and I will give you the account information – thank you! Omnec’s personal account number is also published on the “Support the Mission”-page. Please use as reference “Omnec 2013”.

As soon as the flight can be booked, we will make the appointments. For coming to a Private Meeting we ask for a contribution of 50 Euros per person. A Private Session with Omnec is 125 Euros. (These contributions are independent from donations for Omnec’s travel costs).

Now let’s hope that we can soon book a flight for Omnec!

Warm regards,

Anja CR Schäfer