Omnec Onec Lecture with Greek Subtitles

Recording from the UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway, from October 2014

Thank to Sotiris Mikropoulis you can now watch this special lecture with Greek subtitles!

In part 1 of Omnec Onec’s lectures at the UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway, she covers the following subjects:

*  How and why I came to Earth
*  The ancestors of the human beings on Earth
*  Our concept and understanding of the creator
*  Your true heritage and your greatness
*  You are Soul
*  The universe is full of planets and beings
*  Reality is a matter of perception
*  Imagination is the key to creation
*  Everything in this world was someones imagination, before it became reality
*  Life on the astral level
*  The Transformation of the Earth
*  I don’t believe in judgement and criticism
*  Soul is here to make experience
*  Your intuition tells you if something good for you or not
*  Focus on your own development and balance
*  The journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness
*  God created everything out of love in non-ending cycles
*  Unconditional love means “I love you just because you exist.”
*  The Venusian history is part of your heritage
*  Anja explains Omnec Onec’s material that’s available (book, DVD, CDs)

A big thank you to the cameraman Janucz Reichenbach!