Omnec Onec in Norway 2014

Lecture in Oslo and participation at the Intl. UFO Conference in Bergen

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Omnec_Oslo_8.10.2014_webOmnec Onec gave her very first lecture in Oslo/Norway on October 8, 2014.

The reception was wonderful, and as you can see on the photos, the room was overfilled.

Thank you so much for this evening, and thank you to Terje Wulfsberg from Bergen who invited Omnec Onec to Norway as one of the lecturers to the Intl. UFO Conference from Oct. 10-12, 2014. More infos, photos, and videos about this event will follow soon.

Here you can see some photos in our Facebook album:

Omnec Onec Lecture ~ The Creator, Soul, and Love

This 16 minutes video is an excerpt of the complete lecture

The contents:

– Our concept of the Creator/God
– Love is the basis for our existence
– The Journey of Soul through the different dimensions
– Breaking down old concepts / Changing the view
– Everything is a valuable experience for the Soul
– The importance of balance
– What happens after this lifetime


Omnec Onec and her table with books, CDs, and DVDs. We were sold out in Oslo!


Thank you to all the participants in Oslo for spending time with Omnec!


Autographing books after the lecture

UFO Conference in Bergen, Oct. 10-12, 2014

Interview with Ted Mahr from Out of This World Radio

In this unique interview, Omnec Onec answers questions from Hans Gaarder from Norway. Very relaxed, humourous and full of knowledge like always.

Some of the covered subjects in this interview:

  • Omnec introduces herself
  • How and why I came to Earth as a 7 year old child
  • My encounter with Muhammad Ali at the Faces Nightclub in Chicago
  • The beginning of my public work with Wendelle Stevens in the Ninetees
  • About my interview with Marina Popovich
  • I see the Soul of every person I encounter
  • Colonies from other planets inhabited the Earth
  • Genetic manipulation on the humans on Earth
  • Invasion by the Plejadians
  • People live in the center of the Earth
  • Half of the Plejadians are controlling, half of them are very spiritually aware
  • I was Peter, one of Christ’s deciples
  • I help Christ to be free again
  • Valiant Thor from the interior of Venus
  • Most planets are hollow
  • How we freed ourselves when Venus was still physical inhabited
  • Other extraterrestrials on Earth
  • Life in other dimensions
  • Every lifeform is a Soul
  • Soul evolution and experiences
  • The Journey of Soul
  • Pets are on the last stage before becoming a human
  • Through the Transformation Process, the Earth is protected from negative aliens
  • The Venusians are the ancestors of the white people on Earth
  • The Brotherhood of the Planets
  • Manifesting physical bodies to live in the physical
  • George Adamski, the first Earth contactee with Venusians
  • You learn from experience, and then you try to prevent this to happen elsewhere
  • The Earth is very unique and it is protected
  • Everything was brought to the Earth to create a paradise
  • The Transformation of the Earth is happening now
  • Spaceships are located around the Earth and they are sending energy to the Earth
  • The negative powers know that they are falling, but they are still trying to fight back
  • Things will get worse before they get better
  • Far more advanced technology of the extraterrestrials
  • No more abductions
  • Mind control is necessary to have high technology
  • I am not into the Big Bang theory – I go with the Creator
  • Pyrit is not made by nature
  • I studied alchemy with Saint Germain
  • I have not a scientific mind in this life – I work more with the emotions
  • Replace criticism and judgement with acceptance with love
  • Unconditional love is the kind of love the Creator has for every living thing
  • I love you, because you are, that is the kind of love we have to have for each other
  • AMUAL ABAKTU BARAKA BASHAD – May the Universal Love and Blessings be

Omnec Onec, lecture part 1, International UFO conference, Bergen, Norway 2014

Some of the covered subjects in this lecture part I:

  • How and why I came to Earth
  • The ancestors of the human beings on Earth
  • Our concept and understanding of the creator
  • Your true heritage and your greatness
  • You are Soul
  • The universe is full of planets and beings
  • Reality is a matter of perception
  • Imagination is the key to creation
  • Everything in this world was someones imagination, before it became reality
  • Life on the astral level
  • The Transformation of the Earth
  • I don’t believe in judgement and criticism
  • Soul is here to make experience
  • Your intuition tells you if something good for you or not
  • Focus on your own development and balance
  • The journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness
  • God created everything out of love in non-ending cycles
  • Unconditional love means “I love you just because you exist.”
  • The Venusian history is part of your heritage
  • Minute 41.55: Anja explains Omnec Onec’s material that’s available (book, DVD, CDs)


Omnec Onec, lecture part 2, International UFO conference, Bergen, Norway 2014

Some of the covered subjects in this lecture part II:

  • My Mission
  • The Transformation of the Earth and the support from extraterrestrials, and nature
  • About truth and knowledge, about letting go of fears
  • How to deal with negativity
  • Meditation Process “Operation Peace” to help the transformation
  • My connection with Jesus Christ
  • My work on the astral with Souls before they were born
  • My connection with the Masters
  • The gradual Transformation Process of the Earth and our bodies
  • Min. 20.26 Omnec’s Oasis Project
  • Min. 23.23 Questions from the audience (hard to hear, but Omnec’s answers are very well audible)
  • Omnec’s aura is protected and cannot be seen
  • My Uncle Odin is the scientist in our family
  • Other extraterrestrials on Earth
  • The genetic manipulation on the people on Earth long time ago, when the separation and controlling started
  • The power of crystals
  • The Earth is protected from negative aliens
  • Crop Circles
  • Music is a universal language
  • The first civilizations on Earth
  • Meditation KALA 6-times