Omnec Onec Shop

We finally have a real Omnec Onec Online-Shop! It was a big project and took many hours to create this little shop where you can now for the very first time also easily download Omnec Onec’s CDs! New is also a video-download of a rare interview with Omnec from 2006.

omnecsshopOf course, you can also order the physical books, CDs and DVDs in English and German. If you want to support Omnec’s mission, please make use of our little shop and share this info with others.

Milestone Omnec Onec Shop

Please note that during my stay in America (August 6 to September 3, 2015), no physical shipment is possible. You can order anyway, but I will ship your order after my return in Germany.

Love and Blessings


PS: If you find mistakes, please be lenient with us and send us an email to or