Omnec’s original inspiration about The Oasis

The following information is from Omnec personally, too. She wrote it down when she first had the idea about the “Oasis” and places this inspiration in context:

She writes that she originally got the idea about the Oasis Project in 1992 for the first time, while she was visiting the Hancock Building in Chicago with her ex-friend from Germany. Omnec was speaking of Unarius, the Universal Shool in California, where people come to study past life experiences and are preparing a university of extraterrestrial teachings.
Omnec told her friend that she would like to also teach Universal teachings and have such a school. Enjoying their amazing view and their light humurous atmosphere, they thought and talked of ideas and concepts in connection with this spontaneous idea.
Omnec says that her Uncle Odin passed on the following message to her: “Omnec, you will establish such a place for all to share knowledge and receive spiritual truth. You have created it by visualizing this place. It should be a safe place but not identified with the concepts of schools or religions of Earth.”
Then, the word “Oasis” came into Omnec’s mind and she felt such a joy, because she understood that an oasis is almost the same and has such a wonderful meaning. Later, she saw the word “Oasis” everywhere: “Oasis Travel,” Oasis Restaurant,”Oasis Esoteric Store,” etc. Omnec thought she had to think of something else! Then Fubbi and Rebazar [two of her masters] said: “Omnec’s Oasis!”
Omnec said: “What? Why me?”
“Because your teachings are known for truth from the first humans, and they are about Soul, the real essence of life”.
Omnec was excited then and couldn’t wait to share this information with her friend. He said “No, it shall not have your name! How egotistical!”
She said to him: “Yes, Oasis is good”.

Later on, Omnec told her close friends about this idea, and they said: “How will anyone know that it isn’t just a restaurant or store? This place should have your name!”

And then, she started sharing this idea at her workshops.