Omnec speaks and sings about Love with spherical background music

Cover CD "From Venus with Love"Omnec Onec Poetry-CD “From Venus with Love”

“Love in the physical realm is one of the most powerful emotions, that is expressed in unlimited ways. Love can overwhelm the senses, or love can be subtle. Love is different for each of us. Love can be used to create, or love can destroy. Love can be used to manipulate and control, or love can be given freely. Love can make you a prisoner, and love can make you free. Once you have experienced love in all forms, then you get to know unconditional love. Venus Love is unconditional love.”(Omnec Onec, Introduction CD “From Venus with Love”)

Contents of the Audio-CD “From Venus with Love”

  1. 1 Venus Love – an Introduction (7.48 min.)
  2. 2 Amual Abaktu – a Venusian song (3.06 min.)
  3. 3 Love of Twin Souls (3.16 min.)
  4. 4 Changes (5.09 min.)
  5. 5 Our Island (5.31 min.)
  6. 6 Friendship and Lovers (4.40 min.)
  7. 7 Trust (4.09 min.)
  8. 8 Making Love (3.45 min.)
  9. 9 Freedom and Love (5.06 min.)
  10. 10 The Negative and the Positive of How to Be (3.18 min.)
  11. 11 Love is All (6.47 min.)
  12. 12 Dancing and Feeling (3.07 min.)
  13. 13 From Venus with Love (6.54 min.)
  14. 14 The Angel Light Song (2.54 min.)

Audio-CD – Length: ca. 65 min.
Language: English Original with English/German booklet including all texts

Listen to Audio Samples

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On Omnec’s old website, you can still listen to more audio samples of this CD (only for stationary PCs, no mobile view).