Project Omnec’s Oasis – The Vision of a Place in Harmony with the Universe

“I often presented the project “Oasis” on my lectures and workshops. This project does not represent a certain religion or teaching, but encompasses all believes and cultures. The “Oasis” serves as some kind of shelter not only for myself but for all who need this for a certain time. It is a place which carries the spiritual headlines ‘You are not judged here’ and ‘Unconditional Love’. Places like this will be needed due to the transformation of our societies. Omnec”

Oasis_main_buildingAs the Oasis Project is a very big, important project, it has its own website On the Oasis-Website you can read the full description of the vision, receive more information about the history of this project, and read about news and Oasis-Meetings.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in this project and if you would like to contribute something to its manifestation in one way or the other.

As “Imagination is the Key to Creation“, every positive thought and every happy feeling is as useful and wonderful as concrete, physical, or financial support.

Love and Blessings,

Anja & Omnec


Omnec’s Oasis Website