Radio Interview with Omnec’s Ex-Husband Stanley Schultz

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Omnec, Stan, Tobi, Zander & MastersThis is an interview about Omnec Onec.

Omnec’s ex-husband Stanley Schultz, father of two of Omnec’s children, Zandar and Tobi spoke with Eva Moore and Bill Brockdrader from Wolf Spirit Radio

The interview is very interesting, informative and entertaining as well. They all speak a very clear English – it’s easy to understand and to follow!

Stan, Eva, and Bill are talking about many subjects like:

  • How Omnec and Stan met for the first time in 1967
  • Stan’s opinion on the question if Omnec really came from Venus
  • Their relationship, Omnec and her children
  • Eckankar and the teachings
  • The new book “THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY”
  • And much more

The interview was recorded on September 3rd, 2012.