Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2018 “From Venus With Love”, July 27-29 – NEW OMNEC VIDEOS! 

Enjoy the latest talks from Omnec Onec!

Recorded by Lucas Lombardi Jatobá in Mount Shasta during the Mount Shasta Summer Conference by Robert Potter.

Length: 1 h 27 min

DAY 2 Talk from Omnec Onec

Mount Shasta Summer Conference “From Venus With Love” – 28th July 2018

Contents of Omnec Onec's Talk Day 2
This time Omnec talks about her experience living in Tibet as a child being trained to live on Earth and getting used to a physical body, her life in Tennessee and the discrimination against black people, her deep connection with American Indians and many other wonderful stories.

Length: 1 h 27 min

Here’s the summary of this talk:

– Her choices as a Soul of experiencing her stroke, she’s not a victim, nobody is a victim.

– Unconditional love – I love you just because you are, because you exist. It´s the really pure love the creator intended.

– Replace judgement with acceptance. Everybody needs to be loved and accepted.

– As Souls we are all equal. No one is better or superior.

– Through meditation you can channel the Love energy and send it out to support the Transformation of our planet. Visualize the face of the people you love and send them your best thoughts and prayers.

– When her grandson Tristan was 3 years old he told Omnec: “Grandma, I came to Earth just to be with you!¨

– Children are the great resource we have on this Planet.

– The ALAYA Mantra – 6 times

– Her experience in Norway & the trolls

– HER EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING IN TIBET – lots of wonderful stories