Collection of experience reports

For the new book “Dancing on Moonbeams” we are looking for your story with Omnec. If you want to share your experience with Omnec, please contact us.

The idea behind “Dancing on Moonbeams”

Omnec OnecFor many years, it has been Omnec’s wish to collect stories of experiences from people and to publish this under the title “Dancing on Moonbeams.”

Omnec once wrote a poem with this title – you can read it here.

Thoughout her whole life and on her numerous journeys, Omnec met many people. There were many lectures, workshops, private encounters and some holiday workshops (Greece and Spain). For many people, the times together with Omnec were touching and in some way inspiring. Some people also had experiences in their dreams or just by knowing about Omnec, having read her book or seen her in the TV. Exactly these kind of personal experiences, we would love to receive from you.

Omnec’s work with children on the astral level

It is true that Omnec worked with children on the astral level. I was with her when children came to lectures or workshops with the urgent wish to talk to Omnec personally in order to tell her their experiences and memories on the dream levels and simply to exchange love. Sometimes, these children were still very young, and they persuaded their parents to go to the lecture with them.
These encounters were always very touching or overwhelming for all people who were there, especially for Omnec herself!
These children are now teenagers or young adults, and they are all invited to write down their experiences with Omnec and to send them to us!

Omnecs request:

“Please send us in your own words all funny, exceptional, or spiritual personal stories, for example about experiences which you had before you met me for the first time, or which you had on workshops, or other personal experiences. Thank you! Omnec”