Omnec’s 65th Birthday incl. Talk and Crystal Bowls Concert

Location: Lebensraum-Garten Hohenfels in 78355 Hohenfels-Liggersdorf, Germany

Lebensraum-Garten Hohenfels

Lebensraum-Garten Hohenfels

On August 20th, 2013, Omnec celebrates her 65th birthday.

Being a Venusian Soul, Omnec has always loved parties, music, gathering of people, singing, dancing, and all kinds of creative activities which make fun. Since her stroke in 2009, she is physically handicapped, but nevertheless dancing and the easy celebration of life are still some of her favorite activies – and even though she cannot do some things physically anymore, she can do them “in her imagination” and “as Soul” (quote from Omnec).

We are very thankful that Ursula Rehmann and Wolfgang Schrader from the Lebensraum-Garten Hohenfels in the Bodensee area offered their beautiful and big garden for this Birthday Party on August 20th for Omnec!

Birthday-Party including Omnec’s Talk and Crystal Bowls Concert with Irmgard-Ramaela Huwyler from Switzerland

Our planned program for this Happy-Birthday-Day is as follows:

  • 15.00 p.m.: Opening the doors – Welcome to Omnec Onec’s Birthday Party
    Coming together and enjoying cake, coffee, fruits, and tea. Getting to know the beautiful garden.
    Opportunity to view Venusian paintings from Ursula Rehmann. These paintings are inspired by Omnec’s autobiography “From Venus I Came” and are presented with quotations from the book.
  • Irmgard-Ramaela Huwyler

    Irmgard-Ramaela Huwyler

    18.00 to 20.00 p.m.: Omnec Onec (Talk) alternating with Irmgard Huwyler (Soul Chant and Crystal Bowls)

    1. Omnec: Personal introduction
    2. Irmgard: Attunement with Crystal Bowls and Soul Chant
    3. Omnec & Anja: Presentation of Omnec’s publications and of “THE OASIS PROJECT
    4. Irmgard: Crystal Bowl Meditation
    5. Omnec answers questions
    6. Irmgard completes this part of the evening with her bowls and chants
  • 20.00 – ca. 23.00 p.m.: BBQs at the fireplace in the garden
    For the next hours we want to be at the fireplace and enjoy our dinner together. Please read the infos about food and beverages below.

Some important organizational information for this event

Entry 50 Euros per person (no charge for children under the age of 16)

First of all for all of you who feel it’s strange that we charge 50 Euros per person for this event although it’s usually common to invite people for a Birthday Celebration without expecting money from them: You must know that Omnec has no income except for some royalties for books sales. Withouth the support of her friend with whom she lives together in Missouri/USA, she would not even have enough money to live on. On the one hand, she is relatively safe; on the other hand, she lives in dependency of others. And for those who ask what’s with her children: Omnec’s children need to take care for their own lives and at the moment don’t have enough income to support their mother.

Despite her handicap due to the stroke, Omnec travels from the USA to Germany to meet people here, and no matter if you believe in her story or not – she is (or is supposed to be) the only person who was born in another dimension on another planet than the Earth and came to our planet as a seven year old child with a mission. People who know her book and/or herself know that Omnec is somehow “different” and that she truly has much to share – especially wisdom and unconditional love.

Secondary, Omnec’s trip to Germany, her stay, and all meetings and events have to be organized. This takes much time and efforts from many people. For this Birthday-Party, Ursula and Wolfgang from the Lebensraum-Garten provide their house and garden and take care for really everything.

And last but not least: Irmgard Huwyler comes from Switzerland to share her beautiful Crystal Bowl Music and Soul Chants with us. We can expect a really uplifting time with what she does. In combination with what Omnec shares, we might have really “Dreamlike Venusian hours” together.

Note: Nobody from us stands at the entrance and collects entrance fees like at a cinema box office. Instead, we will prepare a box and shortly hint at it during the talk. We don’t control anything. In other words: How much you give and if at all, remains up to you.

About gifts for Omnec

Many people love making gifts for Omnec – or buying nice things for her. Of course, Omnec always appreciates all gifts and loves them – no doubt. But please be aware that she is handicapped now and that she has very limited possibilities to carry things with her back to America – plus she really does not have much room where she lives to store gifts. If you urgently feel the wish to make her a gift – please do that. But if you can, it’s really better to give her some money so that she can decide herself what she wants to spend it for.

Food and Beverages

Everybody is asked to bring food: Fruit, cakes, or cookies for the afternoon – and for the Evening-BBQs whatever you would like to eat. Meat-eaters may bring meat, vegetarians vegetables, bread. Everything is o.k.

About drinks and drugs: On the grounds of the Lebensraum-Garten, alcohol and other drugs are not welcome. Everything else is o.k., you can bring whatever you like, but we will also care that we have water, and lemonade to offer.

Accommodations Facilities

The Bodensee area in Southern Germany is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. We have the island of Mainau at the Lake Constance, we have the Alps, Switzerland is very close, many woods, fields, and nice villages and small cities.

If you have the opportunity to combine your visit at Omnec’s Birthday-Party with a little holiday, you will certainly enjoy it very much!

There are many holiday apartments in this area, as it is a holiday area, of course.

For example, you can rent a nice holiday apartment directly at the Lebensraum-Garten. If you are interested, please contact Ursula Rehmann and Wolfgang Schrader per email.

What we would like to also recommend here is a nice little hotel in the same village where the Birthday Event will take place, in Hohenfels-Liggersdorf.

Gasthof Bären

Registration desired

Please inform us in case you would like to attend this event and with how many people you want to come.

You can send an email to

Have a nice trip and arrival – until August 20th!

Anja CR Schäfer
Mai 11th, 2013