On April 21st, Cmdr Aleon from the Ashtar Galactic Command interviewed Omnec Onec.

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Contents of the interview

The interview has a length of 38 minutes and covers the most important subjects, like:

  • Omnec Onec’s book “The Venusian Trilogy” (her autobiography and spiritual essence)
  • How did she come to Earth? How and when did she take over the place of the girl named Sheila? What happened to the other girl?
  • How was her family life? When did she open up to the world with her life story?
  • How is life on the astral plane of Venus?
  • Where are we on Earth going? The Spiritual Transformation of the Earth and the rising of consciousness of mankind. We are all in the process of regaining our old powers.
  • Living in the physical. The physical body can be considered as a vehicle for experiencing. The True Self is Soul.
  • Omnec Onec’s physical situation, health issues.
  • Why is there such a strong connection between Venus and Earth?
  • Omnec’s information about “The Unknown History of our Solar System and the Spiritual Transformation of the Earth” (which is, other than mentioned in the interview, not part of The Venusian Trilogy). The information can be downloaded for free here as a PDF-file and listened to in this video-lecture. Additionally, it can be purchased as a double DVD-Lecture.
  • The Laws of the Supreme Deity (mentioned in part 3 of The Venusian Trilogy)
  • Meditation-CD “Soul Journey”

Additional information about Omnec Onec and the Radio Interview

Omnec Onec became publicly known by her autobiography From Venus I Came. In this book she portrays her life on the astral level of Venus and teaches timeless wisdom and unconditional love.

“As I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a young child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information that I had gathered as a soul through many incarnations and life times. I can keep this information intact, and what I teach people is actually what I know and not what I’ve read about or what I’ve heard, but what I have experienced through many different life cycles on Earth and in other dimensions.”

This live interview was the very first since Omnec’s recovery from a stroke in 2009. It was a global broadcast on the Internet at www.wesufm.org/ and locally at WESU FM 88.1 Middletown,CT.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/93752259″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Thank you very much to Freddy Fernandez from PromoRific MotionGraphics for recording this interview!